A plea issued on Reddit is asking for volunteers to help finish a mural being painted on the wall of Lafayette's Children's Museum.

Reddit user c0llettebernard is an Acadiana native, but she goes to college out-of-state and needs to get back to class by Monday, so the mural has to be finished by Saturday.

Recent weather conditions have not been optimum for painting outside. When you combine that with holiday schedules and fewer daylight hours, I can see how a deadline can creep up on someone.


c0llettebernard mentioned that you don't have to be an artist to be able to help finish the mural:

No worries, I really just need help filling in colors. I basically will just mix a color, hand you a brush and point to the part that needs to be filled in. Super easy, fun, and even meditative.  - c0lettebernard, Reddit

If you have some free time during daylight hours this week or Saturday, be a doll and help finish the mural. Do it for the kids!


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