If you thought the 'Baby Shark' song haunted your dreams, wait until you see the actual thing.

First of all, I think we have to wonder if this is real or fake before we completely accept the nightmare fuel that you're about to see.

According to multiple reports on social media, an Indonesian fisherman discovered quite a unique creature.

The bizarre discovery only came to light after the fisherman, identified as 48-year-old Abdullah Fero, went home to cut an adult shark he had caught in his trawl while night fishing over the weekend. Abdullah later told local media outlets that he found three pups in its stomach. While two of the pups looked like normal sharks, the other pup had two big eyes under its snout and a big mouth, making it appear much like a human.

Again, I'm pretty skeptical about this story, but it's hard not to notice that this baby shark looks like a character from the actual 'Baby Shark' music video.

Newsflare seems to have more information on this baby share story, and it seems to check out with the other reports we've seen.

The comparisons are pretty wild but I guess we will have to wait until we get more confirmation from the original source. In the meantime, good luck trying to unsee this human-faced baby shark.

Sweet dreams!

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