Have you ever read the sticker on gas pumps that reads "It is unlawful and dangerous to dispense gasoline into unapproved containers"? Could someone please point that out to the person in this video, please?

The Colonial Pipeline hack has now entered day five (05/12/21), largely shutting down the main supplier of fuel to the Southeast. Although the pipeline hack is now slowly being resolved, it's not expected to cause a major gas shortage. However, many people are panic buying all the gas they can, essentially creating the situation they're trying so hard to avoid.

Now, there are definitely some folks doing some strange things when it comes to hoarding gas right now, but do you think anyone is putting gasoline into plastic bags like this lady did?

Plastic bags aren't considered "approved containers" for gasoline, right?



This monumental event in human history actually happened at a Kroger back in 2019 but, with the way things are going down in 2021 so far I can only imagine what we're not seeing.

Posted yesterday to Mazikeen Camille's Facebook page, the comments on the video are as entertaining as you might hope.


Mazikeen Camille Via Facebook


Mazikeen Camille Via Facebook


Now, watch in disbelief and witness something your brain won't let you believe your eyes are actually seeing.

But first, check out this recent bonus gasoline weirdness.




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