Take the whole tree and burn it.

A video is going around that shows a venomous snake, just over 4-feet long, lurking in someone's Christmas tree.

The snake was in the tree the entire time the couple decorated it, but it was a cat's attention to the tree that directed the South African couple to look deeper into the tree.

According to the news report, the cat in the house would not stop staring at the tree, thus that is when the homeowners started to look into the tree.

Shockingly, they came eye-to-eye with a boomslang snake, a very dangerous snake. Luckily, this species is very shy and rarely goes on the attack.

Twitter via ABC
Twitter via ABC

A professional snake handler was called-in, but it took him two hours to get to the snake in the Christmas tree.

He removed the snake and relocated into the wild about a day later.

Honestly, this has always been one of my biggest fears during Christmas when we had a real tree in the house.

I'd often shake it up quite a bit prior to dragging into our house---for this very reason. What a shocking surprise for this family, and I am certain that they'll never forget this Christmas.

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