One patron at a restaurant in Draper, Utah got quite the surprise recently as he witnessed an employee using the kitchen as a restroom. Yep, he caught the employee peeing on the floor!

Robert Talivakoala was at Rancherito's around 5:30 am this past Sunday and was trying to order food through the drive-thru. He didn't get a response at the ordering station, so he pulled up to the window.

It was then when Talivakoala noticed a male employee and tried to get his attention. However, the man just looked at him and walked away.

Talivakoala then started to record on his phone while he continued to get the employee's attention. As he pulled up closer, he noticed the employee appearing to be urinating in the floor drain in the back of the kitchen.

Talivakoala then posted the video to his social media to spread awareness as he used to work in the food industry. He also said that he and his family have all eaten at this location in the past.

Of course, the video quickly went viral.

Managers from the restaurant told a local TV station that they've since fired the employee.

"It makes us really sad, because that's not who we are," said Perla Lee, restaurant owner.

"He just said that he made a dumb choice. I ask you, 'Why you did it?' -- he didn't know what to say," Lee said.

The Salt Lake County Health Department closed the restaurant until it has been properly and fully sanitized.

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