This might be the most stomach turning video you've watched in awhile.

Before I knew what a scientist found in the street water on Bourbon St., I knew it was bad news bears. Watching people walk in sandals on Bourbon always grossed me out. This guy takes it to a whooooole new level.

Even when there hasn't been a downpour of rain, there always tends to be some mysterious water that gathers in the gutter-esque nooks that connect the street to the curb.

Firstly, let's tell you what's in the "Bourbon Gumbo," also known as the water that gathers in the gutters, and puddles up on Louisiana's most famous street. A scientist from LuminUltra recently took a trip to New Orleans, and decided to test what's in the waters of Bourbon Street.

I'll tell you this, it's probably nastier than you thought.

You might notice that only totals up to 54%. That's because the remaining 46% is "Other." Basically it's a puddle of multiple people's insides that you don't want any part of.

That brings us to this guy. Pull up a trashcan just in case you get that influx of saliva in your mouth.

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