The United Way of Acadiana has set up a COVID-19 fund to help those who aren't able to afford coronavirus testing.

Earlier today, Mayor-President Josh Guillory gave details on a screening site that will be set up starting tomorrow (March 18) at the Lafayette CAJUNDOME at 9 a.m. It's important to note that the screening site will be set up for those who have already been recommended for testing after dialing 311 and speaking to a medical professional.

Those who show up Wednesday are asked to bring a picture ID and their insurance card to be tested for the flu or COVID-19. The screening itself is free of charge. Anyone who passes the screening and is determined to need a flu or COVID-19 test, but does not have insurance, will need to pay a $50 fee.

For those in our community who would be screened but unable to afford the required $50 testing fee, the United Way is stepping in to help in a major way.

The COVID-19 testing fund has been put together to help our neighbors in need and there have already been enough donors to being covering costs immediately tomorrow. But in order to continue with this service, donations are necessary and you can participate HERE.

United Way of Acadiana President and CEO Carlee Alm-Labar pointed out that unprecedented situations like the one we're facing in the wake of the coronavirus call for an unprecedented response.

We are grateful to our donors and partners in our footprint that made this possible. This is an example of the importance of listening to community members in times of disaster, and then filling the needs as they arise, a role that United Way of Acadiana has played in our area for generations. This is also a great time to remind everyone that some of the traditional ways we respond in a disaster, quickly and in groups, may not work this time. As United Way of Acadiana, we are committed to responding quickly when the needs arise, but doing so in a way that does not expose members of our communities to any further risk of community spread.

For more information or to donate just check out the official UWA website here.

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