He was one of the most feared WWE Superstars of all-time and even sharks want nothing to do with The Undertaker.

Michelle McCool, who is married to The Undertaker, posted a video on social media that shows her husband in knee-deep water staring down a huge shark in the water.

She said his her post that she was reading a book on the beach when she noticed the shark and that is when she called her husband down to the beach.

He showed up, got into the water, and stared at the shark as it swam away.

The former WWE superstar is close to 7 feet tall and perhaps even this huge shark wanted nothing to do with one of the most feared men ever in the WWE.

Look, I have watched WWE for years and I have seen The Undertaker intimidate many of his opponents, but this could be the best yet.

Not even a shark, in its own domain, wanted anything to do with the man from the "Dark Side."

Ladies, would your man even dare to get into the water with a shark this side? I'll let you answer that one.

As you may expect, the internet has not missed this encounter and some of the memes and videos of this bizarre encounter have been great. Like this one here.

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