Here we have a heartwarming video featuring a family's favorite uncle who happens to be hearing and speech-impaired. Prepare yourself for some feels.

You might have seen lions hugging people and huge displays of affection from entire towns, but sometimes even the smallest of gestures can mean a whole lot. Here is one family's video of their Uncle Henry getting a Christmas present and totally freaking out in elation over it.

According to YouTube user MiamiRedSkin's description of the video in the About section, Uncle Henry is hearing and speech-impaired. He also has "a heart of gold" and everyone who meets him "absolutely loves him." He's also described as being a kid at heart with a thing for Hot Wheels, cars and iOS games.

The family all wanted to pitch in and grab Uncle Henry something special for Christmas, which we see him opening here. He exclaims in joy as he rips open the package to reveal that they had all pitched in to get him a shiny, new iPad! Thanks to his handy new device, he can play his favorite games on a bigger screen.

It's absolutely wonderful to see his reaction. Uncle Henry is so elated that he even drops the iPad at one point after saying, "I got an iPad!" Someone in the family jokingly retorts, "you had an iPad!" after the device gently drops onto the floor. All in all, we'd say that this Christmas mission was a success.

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