President Biden was delivering a speech on the current inflation in the country here and a bird appeared to "mess" on the President of The United States.

While watching this LIVE on television, I noticed some sort of debris on the President's left shoulder, that wasn't there at the start of his speech, so I hit the rewind button.

Sure enough, you can see something fall from above and splatter on the shoulder of President Biden.

He was speaking in Iowa when this mishap happened and I believe that he may have been in a barn-like structure when delivering this speech, you can see the tractors in the background.

In any case, it happens, but put the most powerful man of the free world in this situation and you get the reactions you get on social media.

Here's one of many videos online, now be sure to keep your eyes on his left shoulder, near the American flag.

And yes, the internet is reacting to this "messy" situation the President was in on Tuesday afternoon.


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