Can You See It?
Now I'll have to keep an eye on the dogs when I let them out so that they don't have it for dinner!
Cockatoos That Love Elvis Music
Cockatoos, Elvis music and YouTube...a recipe for a good laugh. These two cockatoos love when their owner plays Elvis songs on his guitar.
Draw a Bird Day
Today is National Bird Day so Debbie Ray thought we should get everyone who visited the KTDY studio this morning during our show should draw a picture of a bird.  Since JayCee suffers from an extreme case of ADHD, we had him draw a squirrel.  lol
Dead Birds In Duson
More than 30 birds were found dead in Duson on Tuesday. and as of now no one knows why. The birds had no gunshot wounds or evidence of other injuries. The birds were found near a cane field.
James Wing made the discovery.
"I came here this morning and saw birds all over the ground. One.…
Pink Birds Spotted In Acadiana
Pink birds are being spotted in Acadiana.  What are these birds.  They are not flamingos, however they do look like egrets.

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