Today is National Bird Day so Debbie Ray thought we should get everyone who visited the KTDY studio this morning during our show should draw a picture of a bird.  Since JayCee suffers from an extreme case of ADHD, we had him draw a squirrel.  lol

The story as to how Bird Day came to be is quite touching.  In 1943, 7-year-old Dorie Cooper asked her uncle who was in the hospital after having lost his right leg in the war, to draw her a picture of a bird in an attempt to cheer him up.  He wasn't feeling well, but he looked outside his hospital window and saw a robin and decided to do as little Dorie asked.  Whenever Dorie visited her uncle, other soldiers would also draw her a bird.  Soon the entire ward was decorated with pictures of drawn by injured soldiers.

The story behind National Bird Day is wonderful, many of our drawings however, are not.  If you would like to draw a lovely bird easily, here are step by step instructions.

Also while we are on the subject of birds, their droppings can really mess up a car's clear coat and paint.  Most of the time the damage can be removed without taking the car into a professional and spending a ton of money.  Read how.

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