I took a picture in my back yard because something had moved in this pile of bricks, which startled me. It took me a second to see it and, when I did, I took a pic. Can you see it?

I have a stack of reclaimed bricks in the back yard (we will be making a footpath with them). My dogs alerted me to that area and, mothers being mothers, she got up and tried desperately to distract my dogs from the nest by acting lame. She would flutter around the yard, making the dogs give chase, but keeping enough distance to protect herself.

Once I brought the dogs back into the house, she went right back to sitting on her 1 chick. (Is it common for them to have only 1 egg? Or one hatchling? Maybe something else got to the chicks first?)

Now I'll have to keep an eye on the dogs when I let them out so that they don't have it for dinner!

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