Guess our alien visitors love South Louisiana, too!

The Mutual UFO Networks's UFO Stalker has a new Louisiana UFO sighting, this time between Baton Rouge and Prairieville. The sighting occurred on Wednesday and was uploaded by MUFON researchers today. Here's the description of the incident from the witness:

Stepped outside to walk the dog and noticed object hovering. object was approximately 150-200 yards away. object was a circle with lights around edges and also lights coming from middle of object. object also had what appeared to be a tail on the bottom side which, while hovering, would get longer then shorten. object was approximately 20 feet in diameter. observed for about 10 minutes then object slowly moved away then descended until it fell behind the tree line.

Sounds like the iconic UFO shape everyone is familiar with, which became well - known because of how many UFOs resembled a circular object over the decades. Click here to see the full report on the UFO Stalker. Another recent report on the site is of a triangle - shaped UFO that happened in 1988 but was just posted this week. Click here to read the details of that incident, which includes mention of 'continued abductions.'

Meanwhile, a UFO was sighted in Lafayette earlier this month. Guess our alien visitors love South Louisiana, too!


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