We've all seen things that we couldn't quite explain, whether it's strange lights in the sky, ghostly apparitions in a bedroom, or tomatoes in a gumbo. While there is no database kept of which people put tomatoes in their gumbo (yet), there IS a database of UFO sightings.

The database is kept by the National UFO Reporting Center, and you can pull up any state in the Union to see where UFOs have been officially reported. It appears that there are nearly a thousand reports on the website just from Louisiana.

The database has records of sightings from as early as 1800 when VP Thomas Jefferson was told of a UFO sighting over the skies of Baton Rouge.

Here are 10 times UFOs have been reported in Acadiana, according to the National UFO Reporting Center. Be certain to click the hyperlink within each story to read the full description of what the witness(es) reported.

10 Times UFOs Were Reported in Acadiana


Have you had an experience with viewing a UFO? Keep in mind that a UFO is just that: an Unidentified Flying Object. It doesn't necessarily mean it's an alien spaceship visiting from another galaxy, it merely means that we don't know exactly what it was we saw.

If you would like, you can read the report I submitted here. Yes, I witnessed something I could not explain. I called 911 thinking it was an aircraft aflame while in flight, but they had received no reports of a mayday call from any aircraft.

Tell us about anything "strange" you've seen in the sky - I find these stories fascinating.


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