A Shreveport man shared his sighting of a triangle - shaped UFO with the investigative agency MUFON.

The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) is the world's oldest and largest UFO research organization. MUFON maintains an interactive UFO map it calls 'UFO Stalker.' I check it out at least once a week as I'm fascinated by UFOs and ufology, the study of UFOs.

Twenty - year old Garret Olague shared his sighting of a UFO eight years ago near Shreveport:

'...I saw the craft hovering what i believe to be just above treetop level maybe higher. as i observed the craft i noticed 3 white lights on the points or edges of the craft that stayed illuminated as well as a single red light that pulsated (it did not seem random, it was always exact ). the length of the craft i would say is roughly the same as a house (that's what i used as a reference) and hight would be somewhere between 10-15 feet tall. the exterior was hard to make out due to it being dark out. i remember it rotated clockwise very slowly and on one side that had, windows? or perhaps exhaust, or radar. the windows produced bright white light at times and then also a spectrum it was a rainbow of colors (as i looked at this it hurt my eyes and gave me a headache.'

Garret explains that he is only now sharing his experience because a friend convinced him it may help others who have seen UFOs come forward. UFO reports have grown more frequent in recent years, including among military personnel who are now beginning to come forward and report what they've seen. A recent Pentago UFO investigation is the subject of a six - part docuseries, Unidentified, premiering Friday, May 31st.


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