Witnesses say dozens of objects appeared in the skies of Madisonville on May 26th.

Another UFO sighting has been reported in Louisiana, this time over the city of Madisonville. Here's the report from one of the witnesses who shared their experience with MUFON, The Mutual UFO Network:

During memorial day weekend we witness 35 to 40 objects appear to come from the atmosphere in a straight line... they all seem to flare up in the same spot then die out and then reappear in the same spot all moving in a perfectly straight line ... at first we thought the first two were satellites but then they just kept coming for about 10 minutes ... 10 would come and there would be a break and then 10 more would come then there was some cloud coverage it may have continued for over an hour.

If you've seen something in the skies you can't identify, visit MUFON's sightings page to report your experiences.

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