Tre' and Conner Bishop, children of Kimberly and Stuart Bishop are raising money for Catholic Services of Acadiana.  These children are not only adorable, they are making a difference.  Proving that when human beings at any age, put forth effort, change will come.  Tre is 9 and Conner is 6.  Their campaign slogan should be, 'Small things. Big impacts'.

From the boy's parents:

Stuart and I challenge our children every day to go out and make a change the world. In 2011, we introduced our boys to Catholic Services of Acadiana(CSA). It was Cooper's 1st birthday and instead of gifts, we asked for donations to St. Joseph's Diner.  It was the "first" of many conversations in "giving back".

When the boys were a little older, they did small projects around the house to earn money to buy socks for the homeless. It was hard for them to let go of their money for someone else. Our youngest, Cooper, would have preferred socks for himself. His brother on the other hand had just witnessed a man sleeping on a bench in the cold and started asking the questions, why?

I believe the only way to understand is to volunteer. We brought both boys to St. Joseph's Diner to help in the kitchen. They cut grapes, cracked open eggs and helped when the lunch crowd came in. It was simple tasks, but it was life lessons. It takes one experience to make a huge impact and that was the day for them.

Today, instead of us asking, they ask us how they can help.

For a summer project, the boys are helping CSA "Fill the Pot". Their goal is to raise $3000 digitally over the next three weeks.  Upon completion of the fundraising portion of their project, they will volunteer their time to Catholic Services of Acadiana.

Tre' and Conner have a goal -$3000 before July 1st to help Catholic Services of Acadiana fill the $35,000 deficit they are facing.  They have each put up $25 of their own money and are excited to volunteer at CSA upon completion of their fundraising efforts.

To see their story and donate, go to

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