There's a good chance you know someone who's about to graduate from high school, but don't know what to get them.

U.S News offers up 12 excellent gift ideas for high school graduates. The top 5 are listed below and are all practical and, for the most part, affordable. Click here to read the full list.


This is a great way to help that new grad save money on gas and stay fit in the process. Grads going to UL can enjoy the plentiful bikes lanes on and around campus.

Gas Or Transit Card

Most new graduates will be commuting in some way, whether to school, work, or both. A gas card is a great gift for that traveling grad, and you can even get them Uber gift cards or transit and metro cards if they're headed to universities in big cities.

Voice - Controlled Assistants

This might seem like an odd suggestion, but voice - controlled assistants like Amazon's Echo Dot can help that new member of 'the real world' adapt to the very different schedule of college and work life. News, weather, traffic, alarm and calendar reminders, and searchable content is all available through a device like the Echo and can be a great way to help get and stay organized.

Portable Chargers

With most if not all high school graduates having at least two electronic devices used for communication, planning, social media, and even study and research, extra chargers can be a huge help. Whether you buy the grads you know a few extra phone chargers or a power bank to charge multiple devices, you'll be helping them stay connected as they begin their post - high school lives.


Nothing beats cash as a graduation gift, which graduates can use on those purchases they most need for college or work. Whether buying a new computer or tablet, phone, wardrobe for work, or textbooks, cash will be a huge and very welcome help.

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