I was in a popular grocery store over the weekend and witnessed something and I don't know what to think about it.

There was a woman on a scooter in a grocery store Sunday afternoon, who drove up behind me in the checkout lane.  She got off the scooter and started putting her groceries on the belt that takes one's items to the cashier.  The lady on the scooter did not seem disabled or ill in any way, but I didn't dare say a thing.  She made small talk with me and I was cordial in return.  Even though I was wondering why she was on a scooter, I never said a word.  But the lady who walked up behind her, was not so resistant.

The lady standing in line behind the woman who was on the scooter, watched as scooter woman, now standing perfectly,  placed her items on the belt.  The lady says, "Why did you need the scooter?"  The woman turns and says, "'Cause I was tired.  You got a problem with that?"  The lady standing there with her arms full, says, "Yeah, I do actually.  Those scooters are for people who need help getting around.  What if someone needed that scooter?  What if it was the last one?  And you have it because you're tired."

At that point, I had finished checking out.  I practically ran out of the store.  I wasn't in the mood to watch drama unfold in the grocery store.  Plus, there was a security guard just a few feet away.

So what do you make of this?  Is it okay to use a scooter if you're perfectly healthy, just tired?  Or did the lady who was appalled by the whole situation have reason to be?


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