Lots of folks love springtime because it brings a sense of renewal. There are, unfortunately, about 26 million Americans who suffer miserably with springtime allergies. Over the counter, and prescription remedies abound. Here are a few other little things you can do to reduce your suffering.

#1 Shower or bathe before bedtime, rather than in the morning. That way, you're not bringing pollen into your bed. My fiancee is a professional horticulturist. She bathes at night.

#2 Be mindful of weather & time of day. Pollen levels peak around dusk and dawn. Rain "rinses" pollen from the air.

#3 Wash your face & hands often, especially after you've been outdoors.

#4 Keep your windows closed. Let your HVAC system filter the air inside your home, and don't allow more allergens in.

#5 Stay hydrated. Dehydration worsens a lot of problems, including allergy systems.

Following these suggestions will hopefully make your outdoor springtime activities  more enjoyable.


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