The weekend before Thanksgiving. For a lot of us, it's a time for tactical manuvers, scheduling, shopping, and planning for what is described as "the most wonderful time of the year".  Sure, there is the Thanksgiving feast to plan for but quite often the extra day or two off around Thanksgiving coupled with extra helpers in for the holidays means time to get things set up for Christmas.

Christmas decorations at most houses in South Louisiana are kept up in the attic. There might be a few folks that store their stuff in a garage, a storage room, or an outside shed, but for the most part, these items are put away in a dusty environment. Not the kind of environment we'd really like brought into our homes.

Mark Kolbe/Getty Images
Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

For those of you who are clamoring about only using a real Christmas tree, I hear you. But those trees come with their own unique set of issues that you really should address before bringing the live tree, whether freshly chopped or purchased from a retailer, into your house.

The benefits of a little pre-installation love and care on your Christmas tree will likely be subtle but a pleasant surprise. Probably the first thing most of us will appreciate about a "clean tree" will be the lack of dust and dander. That means less sneezing and stuffy noses at our house, anyway.

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You also will be bringing less dust into the house that you'll have to dust up later. So, that's a good thing. Giving your tree a quick clean can also help you prevent bringing unwanted guests, likes insects and animals, into your home too.

Now, if you're wondering how to go about "cleaning a Christmas tree" we've laid out a few steps and included a few links to some videos that offer you a little more detailed information on the best way to get that done and get on with the fun part, untangling the Christmas lights.

Clean Your Christmas Tree in 6 Easy Steps

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