A Christmas tree farm right near Lafayette, Louisiana is happy to report that they have a fresh healthy crop of trees for this holiday season. Lisa's Christmas Tree Farm in Broussard has beautiful trees ready to go to your home for the holidays according to owner Verna Toucet.

This Christmas tree business has been in business for years and years. You can go, pick out your tree, and you can cut it straight from the ground. If you prefer, Verna's husband Clifton will do it for you.

Now that they are retired they love working at the Christmas Tree Farm and visiting with families who come to buy a tree. She says she has even had customers who have come to reserve their tree already, and they plan to pick it up later this month.

Christmas Tree Farm
Photo couresy of Lisa Christmas Tree Farm

Verna says they are open 7 days a week, but they do open a little later on Sundays. They open at 2 p.m. on Sundays so that they don't miss church. You can find them on their Facebook page, and at Marteau Road in Broussard if you want to take a look at the trees.

Toucet says their trees come from Forest Hill early each year and they are planted in the ground by Clifton. She says it's delightful to see people come with their families to take turns cutting down their Christmas tree for the year.

She adds they also have lots of people use their trees as the backdrop for great family photos.

I Cant Wait to Put up my Christmas Tree
Lisa Christmas Tree Farm Graphic

Toucet tells us that the trees are all Carolina Sapphires. Clifton and she have found this to be the best tree to grow in Louisiana. While they have tried others, the Carolina Sapphires are the winners that do best down here.

Carolina Sapphires might be called overachievers because they can grow 3 to 5 feet in a year according to plant experts!

Toucet says the trees are so popular that one year she asked her husband to decorate three trees in front of their house, and he agreed. She says after all his hard wonderful work they looked great. They looked so good that each of the trees sold that day!

Christmas Tree Farm 2
Photo couresy of Lisa Christmas Tree Farm

The proprietors say the farm was named by their niece, and that's how Lisa Tree Farm got its name. What a wonderful treasure to have in our backyard, Acadiana.

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