You'd think all that wind and that heavy rain that moved through the area would have cleansed the atmosphere of any and all allergy producing particles yesterday. But alas, for those who suffer the slings and arrows of seasonal allergies, don't put down your tissue just yet. Despite what seems like a good cleaning at the hands of Mother Nature yesterday there's still plenty of pollen to go around.

One surefire sign that the pollen is still around is to simply take a look at the hood of your car. If you happen to drive a vehicle with a dark exterior color you can see the residual pollen that's been left behind after the storms. In fact, on my car, you can see remnants of little yellow water droplets where the water dried and left just a dried circle of snot inducing hell pockmarking my paint job.

According to the Pollen count for the Lafayette and Acadiana area is going to be high for today. On a scale of one to twelve the website says allergy sufferers in Acadiana can expect a ten. No, that's not a good kind of "10" either. In fact, the higher the number the worse the pollen situation.

A bee collects pollen
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Things don't really improve in the coming days either. has pollen counts for Friday through next Monday in the Medium-High range. If you like numbers on a scale of one to twelve Friday will be 9.3, Saturday 8.2, Sunday, 7.5, and then by Monday the counts start climbing again to 8.9

The top allergens affecting the most people across South Louisiana include Oak, Fir, and pollen from grasses. I once again can attest to the tree pollen. That's mostly what I am seeing on my car and house and any other place that pollen can land.

Pollen Counts High in New York City
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If you do suffer from allergy symptoms brought on by pollen there really isn't much you can do. Obviously staying inside would be a good choice for you, otherwise, you might want to resort to over the counter medication or maybe visit your doctor for something that requires a prescription.

Oh, and you can expect pollen counts to remain high for at least the next four to six weeks as we move through spring and into summer. Maybe by then, the pollen counts will be lower or maybe it will be just too darn hot to go outside anyway. Oh, and for help getting the yellow stuff off of your car.

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