You may have noticed that many cars in Louisiana appear to not have State Inspection Stickers on their front windshields. You may not have one as well. Although, you may have one but it's in your cup-holder 'cause it keeps falling off your windshiel. This seems to be an epidemic in the state right now.

After my daughter was stopped by a police officer because he thought she didn't have an inspection sticker, I thought it might be time to go back to the Certified Louisiana State Inspection Center that put it on to ask what to do.  The attendant couldn't have been nicer.  He said the state had issued Louisiana State Inspection Centers like his, an old batch of inventory (stickers).  People are coming back like crazy and each time he simply gets out his tape dispenser and reattaches a customer's sticker to their windshield just as he did for me today.  But it didn't stay.  It'd fallen off before I returned home.  So this afternoon I used packing tape to reattach the one on my daughter's car.  Hope it stays on.  .

The attendant stated that police officers are aware of the problem and will not issue a ticket for a State Inspection Sticker that has fallen off.  But you MUST still have the sticker in the car with you.


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