Officials from Troop L of the Louisiana State Police say that a former trooper was investigated and was arrested Monday morning on charges of Malfeasance in Office and Filing False Public Records.

The investigation conducted, according to Louisiana State Police Troop L spokesman Trooper William Huggins, centered around two separate crashes involving possible impairment that happened in April of 2023.

Officials arrested 56-year-old Brett Dupre Monday morning.

According to information from the Louisiana State Police sent via an emailed press release, Dupre

....intentionally failed to properly document and investigate crashes. As a result of Dupre's malfeasance, the crash reports contained false information, and two suspected impaired drivers were not taken into custody.

Huggins says that two different complaints were made about the separate crashes. Officials have filed the following charges against Dupre that include the following:

  • Two counts of Malfeasance in Office
  • One count of Filing False Public Records


When the investigation began, Dupre was placed on administrative leave while officials conducted an administrative investigation along with a criminal investigation. While Dupre was on administrative leave he decided to retire in August of 2023.

Dupre had been a trooper since 2008.

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