Hyundai launched its luxury line of vehicles, Genesis, in a way that broke a world record. The luxury vehicle maker sent up 3,281 unmanned drones to light up the night sky of Shanghai, China with the new Genesis logo.

According to a Genesis press release, the dazzling sky show set a new Guinness World Record on March 29, 2021. It was the first time that many unmanned drones had all flown simultaneously.

3,281 drones were mobilized at the peak of the performance, setting a new Guinness World Record and demonstrating Genesis' spirit of always pushing the boundaries through technologically advanced experience.-Genesis Press Release

To announce the new Genesis car line's arrival in China, the company put on a stunning sky display using the most unmanned aerial vehicles to create the Genesis emblem in the sky over Shanghai's iconic skyline.

You may recall hearing the name Genesis (and not the rock band) a ton lately. That may be because of golf legend Tiger Woods.

On Tuesday, February 26th, Woods crashed a Genesis GV80, the car makers-only SUV, sustaining leg injuries that required surgery. The Genesis GV80 the golf star was driving had a "Genesis Invitational" logo on the side of it.

Audiences on both sides of the Bund were witness to the arrival of a luxury line of vehicles, that will rival all current luxury lines, all while being part of a spectacular illuminated drone air show that was the climax of the night.

The air show was the first event held in China by Hyundai's luxury line Genesis.

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