If you own a large truck, here are a few reminders for you.

When I say "large" trucks, I'm not talking to the 18-wheelers, because they must be well trained to obtain their licenses, and their vehicles must pass stringent inspections to be allowed on the road.

By "large" trucks, I mean the "lifted" or "leveled" trucks. (In efforts of transparency, I own a lifted vehicle.)

Reminder #1: there may be a small vehicle in front of you. As important as it is for small vehicles to not pull out in front of you while you are stopped (you might not see them at all), it's a good idea to leave a little extra space between yourself and the small vehicle in front of you, just in case you forget it's there. Leave enough space so you can still see the small vehicle.

Reminder #2: there are Louisiana laws about the intensity, aim, and height of headlights. If you have your vehicle altered by lifting, leveling, or lowering, you MUST re-adjust the aim of your headlights. Headlights also have a minimum and maximum height; the same goes for taillights.  This chart explains some of the regulations. The website RayBuck has a great step-by-step explanation of how to properly aim and adjust your headlights.

If you have a lifted truck (or Jeep, 4Runner, Bronco, etc) and people are flashing their lights at you when yours are on dim (or flipping you off when you drive by), and you don't know why: here's your answer.

You might not even be aware that people think you are a jerk all because of your headlights. This quick fix will alleviate some road rage, and could help save a life or two!




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