If you own a truck in Louisiana and Texas you need to be aware of what thieves are targeting.

KNOU reports that a man in Texas had the tailgate on his truck stolen not once, but twice. According to their report, the tailgate was removed from the man's truck twice, while he was out in public.

Shockingly, police say that it does not take a lot of time for thieves to remove the tailgate from a truck and that there are a few things you can do to prevent thieves from removing your tailgate.

Police recommend that when you can, back your truck up close to the garage attached to your home or park as close as you can to another vehicle, thus making it nearly impossible for thieves to remove the tailgate.

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If you're wondering why thieves are targeting tailgates like they have catalytic converters, it's because of their value.

Tailgates now are equipped with expensive equipment, like cameras, and there is an apparent demand for such on the "Black Market."

Police suggest that you inscribe your vehicle's VIN somewhere on your tailgate so that if your tailgate is stolen and later found, you can identify the part of the truck that was stolen.

One Texas man tells KHOU that he's had his tailgate stolen twice on his truck and now he is considering getting rid of the truck because of the "demand" for the type of tailgate he has on his new truck.


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