A terrible crash has harmed several people after a situation involving a chain reaction began to unfold in Downtown Lafayette early Sunday morning according to KLFY.

This is one of those situations that you just can't believe happened, but it did happen, and now people are dealing with injuries. While that is tough, at least no one was killed as this situation began to unfold.

What we know from Lafayette Police Department Spokeswoman Sergeant Robin Green is that one person, 20-year-old Miles Paul was arrested for driving while intoxicated for setting off the chain of events that led to the early Sunday morning injuries.

There was a block party going on in the 1300 block of Jefferson Street just after Saturday turned into Sunday when Paul is alleged to have driven his car and run into the back of a truck that was parked. Next, that truck hit a motorcycle and people on the street were injured by the truck and motorcycle.

One of the victims had his legs pinned down. The truck landed on top of the motorcycle which then landed on the victim's legs which pinned the person to the ground. The Lafayette Fire Department helped Lafayette Police get the vehicles off of the person's legs.

There were three other people who were also injured because of this crash. The whole incident started at around 12:35 Sunday morning as people were gathered in that section of Jefferson in Downtown Lafayette.

The Lafayette Police Department says a victim had minor injuries while the others had moderate injuries.

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