A very unique billboard on Ambassador Caffery in Lafayette has a lot of folks talking.

Earlier today I was tagged in a photo of the billboard as people were trying to figure out the meaning behind its message. The photo was posted on Facebook by Courtney DeHart and all I could see was some guy on the billboard with an all-over print of the word "WHY?" behind him.

Was it a scorned lover? Was it a clever advertisement? Was it some type of social experiment?

There didn't seem to be many answers in the comments, but someone did share a couple more images of the billboard that said "Oh No, Again It Is He" and "Sorry Audience."

Facebook, Courtney DeHart

Whatever it means, it has people talking, so if that was the mission then the mission is accomplished.

We'll keep this post updated when we hear any confirmed explanations. In the meantime, let us know what you hear about this unique billboard.

Facebook, Courtney DeHart

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