Ever wondered what your massage therapist is thinking when you're getting the massage?  Meanwhile, you're just trying to relax while a person you hardly know is toughing every inch of you.

If you want to get the most out of your massage, plan on being completely naked.  These men and women are professionals.  They are trained professional just like a doctor or nurse.  You should never be embarrassed to disrobe.
Your body will become relaxed.  When this happens the stomach may make noises.  Air may also escape, which is completely normal.
Men might experience, well, you know.  It's not unusual and shouldn't last through the entire massage.  However asking for, shall we say 'more' in that department, probably won't get you another booking with that therapist.
A Shower prior to your massage is a good idea.  Start the relaxation process before the actual massage.
Do not worry about how your body looks.
If you don't like the way something feels, let your therapist know.
Remember, you'll be in close quarters, no need to drown yourself in colognes/perfumes.
There is a great list of 10 things your massage therapist wants you to know by Kate Bartolotta and another list of 15 things by  Kelli Boylen that will help you to relax the next time you visit you're massage therapist.
[Via:  goodmenproject.com, massagetherapy.com and Chance Seaux]

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