When the folks at Money Talks News say something, I usually listen. I mean, everybody's good at something, and it's not all the same thing. So when they came up with a list of everyday things that we all buy, and never use, I sat up and paid attention. I'm guilty of some of these, but not all, and I'm certainly re-thinking my future choices! Some of my favorites are below, but be sure to check out the whole list.

  • Online Subscriptions. it's just too easy to go to website or social media site to get what you want without actually having to pay for it. This includes everything from hobbies to television shows.
  • Extended Warranties. With the exception of car warranties I pretty much agree with this one. By the time you need to use them, it's almost certainly at a point where you need get a new one. Phones, electronics, etc.
  • Filing Cabinet. Unless you're using it as a decorative piece, ditch the bulky metal thing! You can pretty much save everything important online these days
  • Home Exercise Equipment. These things are never cheap, and usually end up being everything from a coat rack to a glorified clothes hamper. And they take up a lot of room.
  • Cookbooks. Sorry, I don't agree with this one at all. I love to peruse my cookbooks! And I have a lot, and they are very sentimental to me. Yes, you can get the recipe online, but not the memories.
  • Day Planners and Journals. You can certainly organize things just as well online.
  • Small One Use Appliances. Cake pop maker, crepe maker, french fry maker, turkey fryer, pizelle maker. You get the idea. If they are only good for making one thing, they probably aren't worth the price, and are taking up too much room in your kitchen.
  • Cheap Souvenirs. If you feel the need to make a purchase to commemorate your trip, then at least get something that's not going to fall apart the second you get home. That flip flop magnet is not going to look cute on your refrigerator during the winter. I always go with art or local spices.

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