What's in a name? If you're marketing a product to the American public then everything is in the name. That product moniker will play a major role in how the public remembers and uses the product in question. Yet, some products and their names remain a mystery. One of those such products is Triscuits.

Since a lot of people are snacking on Triscuits the question was raised online about how the tasty snack cracker got its name. I have to admit my first thought was the product's name is a variation on the word "biscuit" and the fact that it's "tri" there must be three layers or three grains or three somethings that were the reason the snack cracker was given that moniker.

Well, forget everything you ever thought you knew about the name Triscuit. Enter Twitter user and doggedly determined snack researcher Sage Boggs. After contacting the NABISCO company, the makers of Triscuits, Boggs discovered that the company had no written recollection of why the crackers were called what they were called.

See, if we need to find a silver lining in this coronavirus crowd we can point to this discovery. Not only has the daunting origin of the Triscuit snack cracker name been confirmed. We just managed to burn up quite a few quarantine minutes looking for it.

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