Being a man of beard-growing age comes with a lot of pressure and responsibility.  Once you can grow facial hair that looks like facial hair (and not like ate something sticky and gave your cat a kiss), it can be tough to decide which style is right for you.  Luckily, the beard pros at Black Tie have broken down the favorite styles by state in order to guide you to your manly best.

First off, every state in the Ark-La-Tex loves them some furry face-warmers.  In Arkansas (and weirdly, every other state that starts with an "A"), the venerable goatee reigns supreme as the favorite face accoutrement.  Texas likes the goatee, but it isn't "Texas" (read: extra) enough.  No, the favorite lip and chin decor for the Lone Star State is called the Hollywoodian.   That's basically a well-trimmed goatee with the pencil thin wings that trace the base of the jawline.

As for Louisiana, those style are a bit too tame.  According to the research, the Bayou State says it's either a full on Duck Dynasty face and neck warmer or nothing.  The full on beard was king in the Sportman's Paradise.

If you plan on travelling and want your face-carpet to fit in, check out the rest of the rankings here.

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