Men and women are so insanely different. Women might say about men, "You can't live with them but you can't like without them". Women do things that drive men crazy and men do the same to women. Here's a shocker—women don't understand why men do some of the things they do. That's why we asked women, what's something you've always wanted to ask a man but never have.

Calling all men! Guys, you do things that drive your significant other crazy. And even though she's never asked or confronted you about those things, know the irritation is real.

The first step in fixing a problem is knowing you have one, right? So gentlemen, let's take a look at 20 things women have always wanted to ask you but never have.

  1. Why do men cheat?
  2. Why do you insist on having big boy toys?
  3. Do you need some cream for that itch?
  4. Who told you that combover looks good?
  5. Why do you grunt and groan all the time?
  6. Which do you think more with, the head above your shoulders or the one in your pants?
  7. Do you really think you could do better than the football players you watch on TV?
  8. Why do men have nipples?
  9. Why do yall always want sex?
  10. Why do you feel the need to use both armrests on a plane?
  11. Why do you act like a baby when you have a cold?
  12. Why is buying a house in the country so you can pee outside so important?
  13. Do you really love women like a woman loves a man?
  14. Why do men have "selective" hearing?
  15. Why can't you listen the first time?
  16. Why does the television have to be so loud?
  17. Why is it so hard for men to go to the doctor?
  18. Why must you own the remote?
  19. Why must you leave the toilet seat up?
  20. How will you ever survive without a woman taking care of you?

All of these questions were submitted by women in Acadiana. Thank you ladies for your time and honesty.

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