This is going to leave us with a house divided. It's a story of relationships, trust, a found tampon, and using modern technology to find the truth. Are you ready for an interesting ride into the kind of relationships that other people have? Here we go.

Let's set the scenario, a Tik Tok user named Lois Saunders (@loissa4) posted a video to the social media site on Monday. The video explained how she had discovered some items under her boyfriend's wardrobe that clearly did not belong to him, nor did they belong to her.

Nataracare via
Nataracare via

The items in question were a tampon and some mascara. No, not the kind of items a typical young male would have around his bedroom. And since tampons and mascara are very personal items, Lois knew they didn't belong to her. So, she asked her boyfriend about the items.

At the time all the young man could do was simply deny that the items were his and that he had not been seeing another woman to who the items could have belonged. This is where the Internet hits a fork in the road.

There are many, mostly men oddly enough, who feel the young man's denial of any inappropriate behavior should have cleared him of the allegations. However, there were just as many, mostly women, who felt that further investigation was necessary. Naturally, being a woman, the further investigation angle was explored first.

Lois took the tampon and noticed there was a production code printed on the wrapper. She used that code when she called the manufacturer of the product to confirm its production date. The customer service representative for Tampax, the company that makes the tampons confirmed the production date.

According to Procter and Gamble the folks that own Tampax tampons, the tampon in question was produced in December of 2019. That would have likely placed the tampon in the boyfriend's apartment before the couple was "official".

In fact, Lois later posted a couple of follow up Tik Tok videos that explained more about the situation.


One of the key factors is that two other women had previously lived in the house the boyfriend now occupies. So, based on the facts, as presented by the boyfriend and Procter and Gamble, the woman can now rest easy that her man was telling the truth.

Now comes the bigger question, how can you be in a relationship with someone you simply don't trust? It seems to me that Lois should spend more time working on her trust issues than she needs to be spending on her hands and knees finding tampons under furniture.

Some people might write a song about such behavior.

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As you might imagine the Internet is divided in a big way on this issue. Which side would fall on? Are the suspicious girlfriend or are you the truth-telling boyfriend and do you think a couple made up of suspicious girls and truth-telling boys can ever work out on a forever basis?

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