For a man going to the doctor is an admission. An admission that the man is not indestructible.  In the male psyche asking for help or going to the doctor is viewed as a weakness. I know it's pretty dumb isn't it?  But that is how we are wired and brought up in our peer groups. That is why we have such a difficult time going to see a doctor until it's to late.

I am man like that. I have a great doctor. I love to talk to him about everything except what is wrong with me or what could better for me. Fortunately for me in addition to having a medical degree he has a degree in BS. You know the kind of stuff that falls out of a mans mouth when he talks.

Fellows, I hate to do this to us but it's for our own good. Here are the tests that you and I need to have done on a regular basis to stay alive long enough to retire and drive our significant others crazy by being around the house all the time.

These are not listed in any order of importance because they are all important. The numbers are just there so I could prove to you I can count to seven. By the way thanks to Men's Health and a couple of other sites for providing the research that we used in this article.



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    Sean Gallup/ Getty Images

    Body Mass Index

    This is not a "how fat are you" or a "how much do you weigh" kind of thing. Your body mass index is used to determine the amount of fat on your body based on your height and weight. It basically is the scientific solution for people who think they are big boned. While this calculation can be determined in the privacy of your home, the measurements are not exact. Therefore having your doctor perform and interpret the test is very important.

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    Rick Gershon/Getty Images


    I am old enough to remember when this subject actually became a topic of conversation. That's how far we've come in medical science. A cholesterol screening is good for men of all ages. It is used to help prevent issues in the cardiovascular system. It's a good number to know. What's even better to know is how you can control it. The test is a blood test and the good news is that changes in lifestyle and diet and the addition of certain medications can help you get your cholesterol under control.

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    Blood Pressure

    I know you check your blood pressure every time you're at the drug store waiting to pick up your wife's prescriptions. Good for you. However, that machine is probably not calibrated and you probably have no idea what the numbers mean. High blood pressure can be a real killer. There aren't any outward symptoms and the test is so easy. You get to sit down and do nothing.  Knowing what your blood pressure is and how you can keep it where it needs to be is very important.

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    Justin Sullivan/ Getty Images


    This is a screening that your doctor may or may not ask for depending upon your general health and overall lifestyle. Chances are if you're overweight, smoke, don't exercise, and can't see your toes when you look straight down he's going to want you to have this done. Screening for diabetes is simple. It's a blood test and if you're over 45 you probably need to have it done.

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    (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)


    Alright you don't want anybody messing with you "back there". We get it. Having a camera run up your butt while you're in a state of semiconscious just doesn't seem as fun as it did when you were pledging that fraternity years ago. Men die from colon cancer because of ignorance. If you're over 50 and haven't visited the butt hut at your doctor's office for this procedure you are gambling with your life. Sure it's embarrassing but so is holding your wife's purse. Trust me, if given the choice I'd rather die from being embarrassed than die because I was totally ignorant and selfish about my own body.

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    Chris Hondros/ Getty Images

    Prostate Exam

    I know we've kind of hit on a theme with the dark side of the body here lately haven't we. A prostate exam is not what it used to be. There are screenings that your doctor can take in a urine sample which may be all he or she needs to determine your risk for prostate cancers. Other medical professionals prefer to do a digital rectal exam. Also known as putting a finger in your butt and feeling for lumps.  To be truthful it's not the most flattering test you can have performed. It can also save your life and keep you sexually active.  How is that for a motivator?

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    Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

    Sexually Transmitted Diseases

    If you have been fortunate enough to love and be intimate with only one partner for a very long time it is still a good idea to have yourself tested for this kind of disease or infection. Many of the maladies associated with sexual contact do not show up with symptoms weeks or months after infection. HIV can take as long as ten  years to manifest within the body. That's why this test is a good idea. If you have multiple partners and have had multiple partners it's an even better idea to know what you've really been sharing besides a good time.

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