has published an article from the folks at Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute that tells us how healthy our population is here in Louisiana. You might be shocked that a state that loves food as much as we do shows up in any 'healthy' poll at all, but I'm really pleased to see that least one of these locations is right here in Acadiana, which is pretty good since we have a total of 64 parishes in the state.

Factors include 'smoking, obesity and alcohol use, social and economic factors such as high school graduation rates, and the physical environment residents live in including the quality of air, water and housing'. It also took in 'water and air quality, housing costs, education and crime.'

Check out the top 10 below, but sure to see the total list here.

  1. Cameron
  2. Ascension
  3. St Tammany
  4. Lafayette
  5. Plaquemines
  6. St Charles
  7. Bossier
  8. Vernon
  9. Lafourche
  10. Jefferson

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