While the good people in Lake Charles are still working tirelessly to recover from the devastation that Hurricane Laura brought to the area, our neighbors to the West in Texas are showing their support in a very special way. Faith in humanity - restored!

A photo of a $100 bill and a card was posted to Facebook. The story goes that a man handed multiple people waiting in line to get supplies from the Lake Charles Civic Center the card with the cash inside and delivered them all a message of support and love. Check out the post for yourself below

Marybeth Spong and the others in line at the Civic Center received what was, in the grand scheme of things, a small amount of money by a random stranger. I believe the important part of the story is that people are looking out for those who have been so majorly effected by the recent storm.

For a neighbor in Texas to go out to the Lake Charles area and show their financial, and more importantly moral, support to our fellow Louisiana citizens is truly touching and it inspires hope in all of us.

It is worth adding that the same Facebook user who made the post has also created a GoFundMe for her friends that lost their home in Hurricane Laura. You can check out that information below if you would like to donate!

A huge THANK YOU to everyone from both in the state of Louisiana and around the country that have lent a helping hand for the recovery efforts happening in SWLA. Louisiana strong!


Aerial Pictures of Southwest Louisiana Before & After Hurricane Laura

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