19-year-old Joseph Flavill was rushed to the hospital after being struck by a car while walking in Staffordshire, England. Flavilll suffered a brain injury that put him in a 10-month coma. Joseph has awakened to a whole new world.

The teen entered the hospital about 3 weeks before the United Kingdom went into lockdown due to the Coronavirus. So when he awakened from a 10-month coma recently, he had no idea that the world is in the middle of a pandemic.

During the 10-month hospital sleep, Joseph Flavill had COVID-19 not once but twice. So this young man was hit by a car, suffered a life-threatening brain injury, had COVID-19 twice, slept through a pandemic and now has awakened to a world that is much different than the one before his accident.

While in Leicester General Hospital, Joseph caught the killer virus twice but has no memory of it. Lucky for him, he has no lasting effects from COVID-19, however, now he will have to learn about a pandemic that he has been a victim of twice.

Joseph's aunt, Sally Flavill told The Guardian, his health is starting to improve.

He won't know anything about the pandemic as he's been asleep for 10 months. His awareness is starting to improve now but we just don't know what he knows.-Sally Flavill

Joseph Flavill may be the only person in the world to live through the entire COVID-19 pandemic and not know it even happened. He may also be the only person in the world to have COVID-19 twice while in the middle of a global Coronavirus pandemic, yet again, not know it.

The teen's family says it's been a "traumatic journey" for him.

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