Taylor Swift surprised fans today with the announcement of a surprise album that will be made public tonight, July 24, at midnight.

One of the most played and requested artists on KTDY is Taylor Swift. There are tons of Swifties in Acadiana. Many will be staying up late tonight to be the first to hear Taylor's new eighth studio album, "Folklore".

According to PopCrush, "I've poured all of my whims, dreams, fears and into it", said Swift in a tweet earlier today.

Just hours away from being released, "Folklore" will contain 16 songs. There will be a deluxe edition available with an additional bonus song, "The Lakes".

Seven different standard album covers will also be available. In addition, "Folklore" will be available in 8 deluxe vinyls.

The album contains the following tracks:

    1. "The 1"
    2. "Cardigan" (The video for this track will debut tonight)
    3. "The Last Great American Dynasty"
    4. "Exile"
    5. "My Tears Richochet"
    6. "Mirrorball"
    7. "Seven"
    8. "August"
    9. "This Is Me Typing"
    10. "Illicit Affairs"
    11. "Invisible String"
    12. "Mad Woman"
    13. "Epiphany"
    14. "Betty"
    15. "Peace"
    16. "Hoax"

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