10 Ways to be a Better Neighbor
Having good neighbors starts with being a good neighbor. Much like a relationship, an open channel of communication is important to smooth sailing.

Coyote In Youngsville
This morning, as I was preparing to leave home, I saw a coyote run down my street.
Right down the middle of the street. And he wasn't playing around, he was in full-blown scat mode! Running faster than I could have imagined a coyote could run, and it continued until it was around the bend, maint…
Sex Offender Booked
The Plaquemine Parish Sherriff's Office said Saturday that detectives do not believe the man was targeting children at the day care, but the business and parents were notified of the arrest.
Zoning Changes Needed
Developing a "unified development code" would consolidate those regulations and streamline operations when implementing the city's plans for the future.
Decorating Dilemma
I think that my neighbor's Christmas lights are still up, but I couldn't tell for certain (they are difficult to see in the daylight); I am certain, thought, that the people in this photo haven't gotten around to putting theirs away yet!