I think that my neighbor's Christmas lights are still up, but I couldn't tell for certain (they are difficult to see in the daylight); I am certain, thought, that the people in this photo haven't gotten around to putting theirs away yet!

Christmas Decorations (Staff Photo)
Christmas Decorations (Staff Photo)
I grew up in a Catholic house, and we always took our tree down on New Year's Day (if I remember correctly.  I had a roommate who always kept his tree and decorations up until January 6th (the Epiphany?), and he said "it's a Catholic tradition".  Which confused me:  are there different Catholic traditions?  
Do you still have your Christmas stuff still "on display"?  Is it all in the boxes, waiting for a trip to the attic or storage site?  Or are you adamant about taking them down by a certain date? 
At first I was going to make fun of the people who live in the house in the photo above (I took that picture today), but then I thought better:  maybe they are elderly, and they rely on someone else to decorate/remove decorations.  Or maybe they are ill.  Or maybe they are college students who have become overly attached to the yard ornaments.  Or, maybe they've gotten a jump on us all, and are VERY ready for Christmas (again!!).

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