Have you been paid a visit by a man in a blue Hyundai?

If not, you may get a visit sooner than later—especially if you live in the Carencro/Scott areas of Lafayette Parish.

Earlier this week, a mother warned her Facebook friends to watch their surroundings after a man pulled into their driveway after seeing her daughter outside. She says the man looked around their home before she told him to leave "four times" before he could get up to their deck.

The woman said she threatened to call the cops which prompted the man to tell her that he "was selling books. She described the individual as a "foreign darker man" and said he was driving a blue car that looked "very dented up."

drives a blue hyundai elantra. Back Passenger side no door handle or passenger door no mirror. Out of state license plate. BFF-0867 license plate is a black or dark blue color. The car is very dented up.

Although the man told the woman he was only selling books, she described the experience as really uncomfortable.


There were other Lafayette residents that described their encounters with the man as "strange" while others were pleased with the information and the books he provided their family.

There is a man who matches the description that the woman provided in the warning to her Facebook friends. His name is Freitas Sabah and he goes by the nickname "The Education Man."

Back in May, Sabah made the announcement that he would be in the Lafayette Parish area over the summer to share products with families that included educational and biblical books.

Sabah included the make, model, and color of his car as well as his license plate so that families and residents of the area could identify him.

He also posted a photo with Lafayette Police officer Dylan Fotentot after getting his official LCG-issued permit for door-to-door educational consulting.

Sabah is a junior at the University of Illinois at Chicago and is studying marketing. His door-to-door gig as an educational consultant is with Southwestern Advantage—one of the oldest direct sales companies in existence today.

Here's a brief description of the company from BestLifetimeIncome.com:

Southwestern Advantage is a direct-sales company that goes for aspiring university students and hires them as independent contractors for a season (internship) in exchange for profits. Their products are with great reviews but dealers will have to go through door-to-door selling.

In short a lot of work! Unlike most companies, especially MLMs, Southwestern Advantage is one of the few companies that simply focuses on sales revenues rather than recruitment. Joining is free. However, you will have to pay for travel costs and living expenses.

It seems like Sabah is hustling his way throughout Lafayette Parish as he has numerous families and customers posted on his Facebook page.

So, there you have it. If you see Freitas around the area, give him a good south Louisiana welcome, and don't be alarmed.

See his page and all his information here.

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