This morning, as I was preparing to leave home, I saw a coyote run down my street.

Right down the middle of the street. And he wasn't playing around, he was in full-blown scat mode! Running faster than I could have imagined a coyote could run, and it continued until it was around the bend, maintaining its position in the center of the street.

What's so surprising about this? Well, I don't live in the country. I live in a neighborhood in Youngsville. Houses all around, with only a few small patches of woods in the area.

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A coyote, much like the one above, trotting down my street. Am I overreacting about this? I mean, I'm not afraid of a coyote (I'm afraid of two, though), but I do worry about my neighbors with small pets.

Has anyone else seen coyotes in our area?

Here is a map of the area.  The coyote came from Young Street, and ran all the way down Beacon Drive until it made the curve. I circled wooded areas in red, and highlighted the coyote's route in blue:

Google Maps Youngsville
Google Maps Youngsville

Are these wooded areas large enough to support coyotes? Are coyotes usually out in the daytime? Has anyone in the Youngsville area been missing pets or other yard animals?

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