Many people are concentrating on the negative aspect of the coronavirus, but one Reddit user wants people to notice the positive things that have come from the pandemic.

(Before I get into this post, know that I am not trying to make light of the pandemic: it is serious. People are getting very sick and many have died. My point in this story is to show some good things that have come out of the recent "stay home" orders.)

The Silicon Roundabout In Old Street
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Reddit user dismyburneracct asked, "What are some of the positives that Acadiana might take away from this ordeal?"

Some of the comments included answers such as "I've met more neighbors in the past two weeks then I have in the past 2 years". (From a safe distance, I'm hoping.) And "(A) 20 minute commute compared to 40 mins for a 8 mile trip."

That's one thing I did notice today: I had to take a friend to the hospital for some tests, a trip that would have normally taken me around 20 minutes one-way. I dropped him off at the doors to the hospital and was back in my house in less than 20 minutes!

This one really hit home for me: "More efficient online communication instead of meetings that everyone has to be in the same room". Don't you hate it when you get out of an hour-long meeting that could have been conducted through email?

Others noticed that more people were using public parks and trails and that there were more bicycles than usual on the streets.

Yes, the pandemic is serious, to the point of being tragic. It's always nice, though, to find a silver lining to the clouds.



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