New Pinkeye Strain Resistant To Medication [Video]
With back to school happening in a matter of days, kids will be meeting back up in classrooms. They'll be packing various illnesses with them as well as their books. Something for parents to "keep an eye on" is a new strain of pinkeye that is reportedly resistant to medication.
Committee Approves Bill
Discussion of a measure to allow the sales of medical marijuana in Louisiana was expected to be brief. Debate went on longer than expected Wednesday, but a house committee approved the bill.
Cough Syrup Recall
Over-the-counter children's guaifenesin in both grape and cherry flavor packaged in four-ounce bottles and sold under different brand names are affected.
Menopause Is In Your Head
Menopause is in your head, litterally!  Menopause making you feel like you are losing your mind, your not alone.

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