Allergy season is here and with all the over the counter allergy medications, one can find themselves spending an hour in the middle of the drug isle reading labels trying to figure out which allergy medication is best.

Every year millions of people struggle with allergies as mother nature gives us her beauties and every year we try different brands of allergy medicines trying to figure out which one best suits our symptoms and usually end up spending lots of time and money before finding a product that actually works.

I decided, this year, to scour the internet to find reviews of every over the counter allergy medication available to date.  I found that Men's Health had the best overall reviews.

Remember if you try an allergy medication and it doesn't work for you, try another as many have different ingredients.  Also note that while one product may make you drowsy another may not.

Whether an allergy medication works or not can be trial and error but this list is sure to help you decide what's best for you.  Always read and follow label instructions.

[Via:  Men's Health]


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