The discovery of the cause of allergies, this is great news right?

So many people are suffering from some form of seasonal allergies these days. Now, researchers think they’ve discovered an unlikely cause- being born in the U.S.!

A study found that kids born in America are more likely to suffer from hay fever, asthma and eczema, as well as allergies to certain foods. And listen to this, while foreign-born Americans have a lower risk of developing allergic diseases, spending long periods of time in the U.S. can raise that risk. So the reason we can't breath, have runny eyes, sneezing and even skin problems is because we live in the United States!...What next?

Many experts agree, it's all the environmental factors present in the U.S. that contribute to allergy problems.  Climate and the American diet also play a big role.  Allergy medications do help.

Have you ever heard of the “hygiene hypothesis"?  This is when people aren’t exposed to enough germs early in life, and their immune systems don’t develop properly.  Scientists also believe this is an issue in America.

And if that weren't enough bad news, a CDC report found that allergies are on the rise among U.S. kids and allergy risk increases with family income. The CDC report also found that white children had a better chance of developing respiratory issues than black children.  Black children however, were more likely to experience skin conditions due to allergies.

Costa Rica anyone?

[Via:  CBS News]


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